Add Up the Savings Toward Your Favorite Collection

A cartophile is not a map maker.  A cartophile is someone who enjoys collecting maps.  One who makes maps is a cartographer, and there are very famous cartographers whose work is sought out and highly prized today.  I learned how big the world of map enthusiasts is when I attended a conference in a hotel where cartophiles where hosting a meet up.  The buzz was about a barn find of books by a noted cartographer from the region.  Some of the books were over 150 years old.  I thought, ok, good for them, and continued on to the clinic to get the facial I had booked.  I was eager to try out a new serum my esthetician recommended to help smooth the wrinkles and frown lines around my mouth.

I thought, how interesting.  Here are people who value a book because it’s over 100 years old, and I’m spending hundreds of dollars trying to erase all signs of being old.  Maybe I should start a meet up for wrinklephiles.  Before I left the room, I chatted with a nice lady who told me she was shopping online for gifts from Abe Books.  Her husband was a member of the club, and loved to give the gift of old books, maps and ephemera to family and friends.  When I got home, I looked up the Abe Books site and found lots of neat things that would make great gift ideas that I would have never thought of had I not met that woman.  I love old blueprints, vintage sheet music and Victoriana.  I have scoured flea markets, yard sales and reuse stores looking for graphic ephemera to frame and hang.  Here, I found a source of genuine articles that I could buy, and I could use a Groupon coupon code to save on my purchases as well.

Groupon has deals for Abe Books that will save as much as 50% off the price of your items, and its easy to qualify for free shipping.  They even have a code good for discounted shipping to Australia and New Zealand.  I found so many items for myself and others, I can’t wait for my friends to open their gifts.  I even found the perfect gift for the Secret Santa gift exchange at work, and the stocking stuffers I need for my parents.  My shopping has been so much fun this year.  I might not own a shelf full of dusty old books and maps, but I’m glad I’m a Groupophile.